1085-1991 Corvette Throttle Enhancer Calibrator large

1085-1991 Corvette Throttle Enhancer Calibrator (TPS-TEC)



Product Description


On the 1985-1991 model Corvettes it is designed to engage at 60%

throttle in every gear. Once it’s activated at 60%, it delivers a full

4.6 volts to the computer. The computer reads this as a valid wide-open

Throttle signal and delivers maximum fuel and timing at that point.

The result is an immediate improvement in acceleration that you can feel

through the throttle. It does this without the car owner having to mash

the gas pedal to the floor.

Installing this unit will override a worn TPS sensor or a stretched

throttle cable. The unit is designed to only deliver the maximum volts

without going over that set figure GM states.

Each unit has two LED lights on it. One light will show it functioning

and the other light comes on when it is activated.

The reason for the difference in calibration is because GM tightened the

parameters in which we can make any changes. In either case, they work

regardless of what computer chip or modification you have done to the

car. Under 60% throttle and this TPS-TEC unit is not activated.


It is a simple five-minute installation. The TPS-TEC has the factory

connectors on each end, so it simply plugs into your factory TPS sensor

in a series. Nothing could be easier for power your customer can easily

feel once they engage the throttle at 60% or 70%, depending on which

year Corvette they own. Remember, when it comes to making power, a

product like this is easy to sell as most Corvette owners always want to

go faster.

Additional Information

Dimensions 3 x 3 x 3 in